Going 28: Lessons I Learned (so far) in My 20s



Living in my early to mid-20’s, I could say that it really tested my identity and my mental health. To be honest, I never thought that I’ll reach 28 years of age and yet here I am, happily sharing my life with others thru this blog. 

How did I get here? 
I’m not exactly sure either… 
But all I know is that God saved me from the worst that could happen. 

When I moved to Japan 3 years ago, I was full of excitement thinking of the possibilities my new season will bring. I was looking forward to exploring how life could be as an independent woman away from my family. But a few years later, at the age of 25, I was diagnosed with anxiety disorder, and that was when I thought that would be the end of my life.  

I had panic attacks almost every day, I can’t sleep at night, I can’t go outside my house, everything changed and I felt like I don’t know myself anymore. 

Luckily, that is not the case anymore. And that’s why I wanted to share the lessons that helped me during that challenging season. So for all of you who are in your 20’s and trying to pull everything together, may these bring you hope and comfort: 

WE CAN FIND JOY IN EVERY SEASON (even if it’s a painful season) 

Just like how you hated every summer because it is super hot, yet you got to enjoy going to the beach, pools, or camp. 
Or if you don’t like freezing winter because it’s hard to go outside, yet you got to enjoy being comfy at home and wear your favorite sweater. 

I believe that even if we are experiencing the worst season of our life, we can still find hope and joy from it. 



I remember when I was diagnosed with anxiety disorder, I was full of pain and fear of going crazy. I am not saying I enjoyed being in pain, but because of that season, I was able to know more about myself and my illness. I was able to communicate honestly with my friends and I was able to realize that they are always there for me even if I go crazy. 


Though they said the older you get, the less friend you have, you still have to widen your networks.  

Yes, it is wise to choose who you friend with and get close to, but it is also important to keep your network wide so there will always be someone you can think of if you need any help, and of course to help others as well. 


So funny because I just realized this thought when I watched Kylie Jenner getting jealous of Kendall Jenner on KUWTK replay on Youtube. I don’t know what season and episode that was, but it was when Kendall was starting her modeling career and Kylie got jealous of it and kept ruining things for Kendall. So then their father, Bruce, told Kylie to stop being immature because her time will come too and to just let Kendall shine in her moment. And guess what? Bruce was right! Kylie had her break when she launched her makeup line and she now has a net worth more than Kendall. 

I used to hate to see my friends’ successes when I see them posting about their business, buying their own properties, investing in stocks, or just see them living the life that I think I want. But after watching that KUWTK episode, I started to celebrate and support my friends on their achievements in their seasons. And to my surprise, it was also the time that I learned how to trust the process, filled with gratitude and acceptance. 


For those of you who are fortunate or already secured with their finances, I admire you.  

I used to live a lifestyle that I cannot afford. Dining at restaurants often, traveling to places I thought would be cheap but somehow managing to spend more than my budget for the trip… because spending is so much easier than saving. You know what I mean? I’m a pro in spending money that I don’t even have (thanks to Credit Cards!).  

So reflecting on all my financial decisions for the past few years, I just regret how undisciplined I was. But that’s okay, atleast I learned my lessons and now I am more motivated to improve myself and my savings! 

If you’re in the same situation and don’t know where to start, you can read Dealing with Financial Stress and how to cope with it. 


Knowing that this is going to be the last years of my 20s, there are still a lot questions in my mind that are unanswered. I’m still asking myself who I want to be, what job do I want, how much money do I need to save, or am I doing all right?  

I can’t lie that I still feel a bit pressured by the goals that I set to achieve before I turn 30, and I only have 2 more years to do that… But gaining friends, building family, and creating this community, I am full of hope and excitement about what will the future holds for me. 

So to you dear reader, I hope that you find inspiration in this community that we are building, and here’s to hoping you find beauty in the different seasons in life. 

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